RiverSource TrioSource℠ universal life insurance with long-term care benefits

A simple way to protect your retirement from unexpected expenses.

Universal life insurance with long-term care benefits can help protect you, your retirement and your loved ones from the financial impact of long-term care expenses.

TrioSource life insurance helps put your money to work to shield your retirement assets from the impact of long-term care expenses. Depending on your need, this life insurance solution lets you:

  • Access income tax-free benefits for long-term care expenses


  • Pass on an income tax-free death benefit to your loved ones


  • Get your money back1 if you change your mind or your situation changes

Additional TrioSource life insurance benefits include:

  • A simple one-time payment
  • Long-term care coverage costs are guaranteed to never increase
  • An option at the time of application to extend the long-term care benefits beyond the death benefit
  • An easy application process

TrioSource life insurance may not be available in all states. The policy is fully underwritten and issuance of coverage is subject to proof of insurability. Contact a financial advisor for more details.

For more detail, please select the state in which you reside to learn more:

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1 Return of premium (ROP) is 90% in years 1-2 and 100% ROP in years 3 and later and is net of any partial surrenders, outstanding policy loans or long-term care benefits paid.

View important information about life insurance and long-term care.

ICC13 132416 A (9/13)