Our Ratings and Rankings

Our financial strength is reflected in the strong ratings we continue to receive from independent rating agencies. And unlike many insurance companies that saw their financial strength ratings decline in the 2008-2009 financial crisis, RiverSource Life and RiverSource Life of New York were never downgraded.

Neither RiverSource Life Insurance Company nor RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York can guarantee future financial results.

Strong ratings

Ratings shown are the same for both RiverSource Life and RiverSource Life of New York. They each receive separate ratings from the independent rating agencies.

  Rating Agency Rating Outlook As of Date
Moody's Investor Service (Moody's) Aa3 (Excellent) Fourth highest of 21 ratings Stable outlook 8/8/18
  Insurance companies rated in the Aa group are judged to be of high quality and subject to very low credit risk. Moody’s assigns ratings from Aaa to C.
A.M. Best A+ (Superior) Second highest of 15 ratings Stable outlook 11/5/18
  The A+ rating is assigned to companies considered to have a superior ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders. A.M. Best assigns ratings from A++ to F.
Standard & Poor's (S&P) AA- (Very Strong) Fourth highest of 21 ratings Stable outlook 11/12/18
  Insurers in the AA category are considered to have a very strong capacity to meet financial commitments. The plus (+) or minus (-) sign indicates relative standing within the category. Standard & Poor’s assigns ratings from AAA to CC.
Comdex ranking
out of 100
As of November 12, 2018

The Comdex ranking is an average percentile of a company's ratings, making it easier to compare companies. Comdex looks at companies rated by independent rating agencies, then ranks more than 200 of those companies on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 100 (highest), based on their agency ratings. A company must be rated by at least two rating agencies to receive a Comdex ranking. (Source: Comdex, a product of EbixExchange)

RiverSource Life and RiverSource Life of New York are ranked separately and both hold a Comdex ranking of 95.

Top industry rankings

RiverSource is one of the nation's largest life insurance companies. We rank among industry leaders in key categories, including variable annuities, variable universal life insurance and disability income insurance.

  • 20th largest life insurance company of more than 850 life insurance companies based on total assets1
  • 8th in variable universal life insurance premiums2
  • 8th largest provider of variable annuities sales3
  • 10th in individual disability income (DI) sales, based on non-cancelable individual policies4
“Independent rating agencies have consistently given RiverSource high ratings for financial strength.”

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