Types of Annuities

RiverSource offers many types of annuities that can help build wealth, provide the retirement income you need to live the life you choose and protect what matters most.

Variable Annuities

A variable annuity offers you the opportunity to take advantage of market gains over time. A variable annuity's rate of return changes along with the market, making it a valuable long-term investment tool. Variable annuities offer unique optional living benefit riders for an added fee, that may allow you to grow your savings, lock in market gains and guarantee income for life.

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Structured Annuities

RiverSource Structured SolutionsSM annuity is a long-term retirement savings vehicle that provides you with opportunities to grow your money and a level of protection that can help eliminate some of the risk that comes from investing. With a structured annuity, you will allocate your money between a variety of indexed accounts based on the performance of five well-known equity indexes and an Exchange Traded Fund. Your return will be linked to the performance of the underlying index.

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Immediate annuities

An immediate annuity can provide immediate and steady income for you in retirement. As you near retirement, you may want to transfer some money from a savings or investment account into an immediate annuity, which will provide monthly income right away. You can also transfer funds from a deferred annuity into an immediate annuity. An immediate annuity can help eliminate the risk of outliving your money.

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A financial advisor can help you decide which type of annuity will be best for your current needs, long-term financial goals and risk tolerance.

The guarantees offered by RiverSource® annuities are backed by the strength and soundness of RiverSource and are subject to our continued claims-paying ability. These guarantees do not apply to the performance of the investments in your annuity, which will vary with market conditions.

View important information about annuities, and how to request a variable annuity prospectus.