Investment Options

Choose your investment approach

With RiverSource® variable universal life insurance, you can choose the investment strategy that best suits your needs. We offer many opportunities for you to accumulate assets for the future, including participating in the equities market to take advantage of growth opportunities.

You can customize your own portfolio or select a fund of funds, helping drive investment performance with strong, focused and flexible strategies from RiverSource. Your financial professional can help you choose an approach and build a portfolio that fits your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Design your own portfolio

With variable universal life insurance from RiverSource, you can design a portfolio that fits your own investment style. We offer a wide range of subaccounts from well-known fund families. These investment choices range from conservative to aggressive. You can also choose a fixed account with a guaranteed minimum rate of return. All guarantees are based on the continued claims-paying ability of the issuing company and do not apply to the performance of the variable subaccounts, which will vary with market conditions.

Choose an advice-embedded solution

You may prefer to simplify your financial life so you can spend less time and energy managing your assets and more on realizing your dreams. This advice-embedded solution uses a sophisticated approach to investing that helps take the emotion out of the decision-making process. This solution helps you stay invested for the long term and provides you with the opportunity for more consistent results over time:

  • Portfolio Navigator — Disciplined. Diversified. Dynamic.® Portfolio Navigator is a powerful investing tool to help drive the performance of your RiverSource® variable universal life (VUL) insurance. Portfolio Navigator offers five professionally designed and managed "funds of funds" for your VUL investment option. With Portfolio Navigator, you can rely on expert investment analysis, portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring, helping to keep you on track to reach your goals and dreams for retirement.

Portfolio Navigator can help optimize the performance of your VUL policy with an approach that is:

  • Disciplined. Benefit from in-depth fund research and analysis by industry professionals who consider both qualitative and quantitative factors.
  • Diversified. Have the potential for more consistent performance over time to help weather the market's ups and downs
  • Dynamic. Take advantage of ongoing and sophisticated portfolio management that is responsive to market risks and opportunities.