TrioSource Universal Life Insurance Disclosures

TrioSource universal life insurance (in Florida, TrioSource universal life insurance with qualified long-term care insurance riders) with long-term care benefits is a smart solution to help you cover the unexpected in retirement. The long-term care riders have exclusions, limitations and/or reductions. When you meet with your advisor, a licensed insurance agent, he or she can help review your financial situation and provide additional details about the life insurance policy and riders.

The long-term care benefits provided by TrioSource life insurance are provided through the Accelerated Benefit Rider for Long-term Care (in Florida, Accelerated Benefit for Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance Rider) (ABR) or a combination of the ABR and the Extension of Benefits Rider for Long-term Care (in Florida, Extension of Benefits for Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance Rider) (EBR).

The ABR and EBR riders are intended to be federally tax-qualified long-term care insurance under Section 7702B(b) of the Internal Revenue Code (herein referred to as the "Code"). The rider benefits are intended to qualify for exclusion from federal income taxation within the limits of the Code. Any charges for the riders that are deducted from the cash value of the life insurance policy will not be included in taxable income. The investment in the policy, however, is reduced (but not below zero) by the amount of the charge.

Benefits or premiums vary by age and underwriting class.

Applies to policy numbers ICC13 132409 and 132409, and state variations thereof; rider numbers ICC13 132410 and 132410 and state variations thereof; and ICC13 132411 and 132411, and state variations thereof. In New York, applies to policy number 139558, and rider numbers 139559 and 139560.

TrioSource insurance may not be available in all states, including New York.

To be eligible for benefits the insured must be a chronically ill. Chronically ill means you have been certified by a licensed health care practitioner that you are unable to perform, without substantial assistance from another individual, at least two out of six activities of daily living for at least 90 days or due to functional capacity; or that you need substantial supervision from threats to health and safety due to severe cognitive impairment. Activities of daily living are defined as: bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring. In Florida, to be eligible for benefits the insured person must be chronically ill and the qualified long-term care services provided must follow a plan of care prescribed by a licensed health care provider.

The application process for TrioSource involves a 30- to 40-minute phone interview used to gather health information and conduct cognitive tests in order to underwrite the policy and make a decision on the coverage.

Neither RiverSource Life Insurance Company, nor its affiliates or representatives, offer tax or legal advice. Consult with your tax adviser or attorney regarding your specific situation.

RiverSource Life Insurance Company is affiliated with Ameriprise Financial Service, Inc. Member FINRA.

Insurance and annuity products are issued by RiverSource Life Insurance Company and in New York, by RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York, Albany, New York. These companies are affiliated with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Only RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York is authorized to sell insurance and annuities in New York.



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