User ID and Password FAQs - Non-Ameriprise

The first step in getting access is registration. You will need to answer the question "Do you already have a user ID and password?"

  • If yes, enter in your existing user ID and password. You can use the same user ID and password for most services on the site.
  • If no, click register and carefully follow the directions. Contact us for assistance, if you have trouble registering.

This message indicates that another online user has already selected the user ID you are trying to create. You will need to select another user ID, and you may need to be creative. For ease, try to create a different user ID by adding numbers to your original choice (e.g., travis2) using a memorable number, such as the date or year of your birthday (e.g., travis1977).

This generally happens when you have incorrectly entered your user ID. Because the user ID is not the same one you initially registered with, the site assumes you are a new user. To retrieve the correct (initial) user ID, you will need to contact us.

Your user ID must contain:

  • Five to 20 characters
  • At least one letter
  • No spaces and no special characters, such as: & > * $ @

Your password must contain:

  • Eight to 240 characters
  • Upper and lower case letters
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character, such as: ! & * $ @

Your password cannot contain:

  • Your name
  • Repeating characters (examples: 111, aaa, ###)
  • The word 'password' or any variation of the word 'password'
  • Four or more characters in a row from your User ID
  • An email address, or be similar to an email address ''

To change your password, you'll have to know your user ID. Go to the log-in screen and select "Forgotten password." Your new password cannot match the previous password. Your password change will take effect immediately. If you do not have your user ID, please contact us.

Please contact us. A service associate will be able to retrieve your ID after validating your identity. If you have forgotten your password, they will provide you with a temporary password good for one use. Upon use you will be required to change it to something you have not used before and can remember for future use.

Please delete the cookies and try to login to Riversource in a new window.

If not able to login to Riversource site as a valid Agent: - you are not registered to the site as a known financial professional, but registered as an unknown FP. Please wait for 24 hours to setup your profile in the system and then re-register for the site.

Able to login to Riversource site but not to BOB site: - Registration was successful to Riversource site but not to BOB site. Please re-register to Riversource and BOB sites and try to login with new credentials.

If the problem exists after a day, please contact us.