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You may have the following concerns about meeting your retirement needs:

  • Will I have enough money to cover my expenses?
  • Will I have a steady, reliable income no matter what is happening in the market?
  • Will I be able to keep up with inflation and increasing healthcare costs?
  • Will my money last as long as I need it to?

While everyone's vision of retirement may be different, we all share the same basic goals to help us be financially prepared. Annuities are uniquely designed to offer the powerful combination of protection, tax deferral and guaranteed income in retirement.

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Variable annuities take advantage of the market's growth potential to make the most of your retirement investment. They can help you weather market volatility while protecting your wealth, providing lifetime income guarantees and leaving a legacy.

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A fixed index annuity offers you the opportunity to earn interest, up to a cap, based on the performance of market indexes. No matter how poorly the indexes might perform, your credited interest will never be less than zero. Rider fees will cause your contract value to decrease.

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Fixed annuities can provide a fixed rate of return and protect your original principal. Enjoy guaranteed growth with the comfort of a guaranteed interest rate, no matter what's happening in the market.

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Immediate annuities provide a specific amount of income for the rest of your life or for a specified length of time. This creates guaranteed income that works like your own "personal pension".

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The guarantees offered by RiverSource® annuities are backed by the strength and soundess of RiverSource and are subject to our continued claims-paying ability. These guarantees do not apply to the performance of the investments in your annuity, which will vary with market conditions.

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