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How can I grow my retirement portfolio?

Depending at what life stage you are in, retirement can seem like a lifetime away or just around the corner. The ability to build your retirement savings can make you feel more confident about your financial future. Find ways to grow your nest egg with help from your Ameriprise financial advisor today.

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Investment options

If retirement is many years into the future, you may have time to recover any losses due to market fluctuations. But if you are closer to retirement, you may not have the luxury of time to help you recover from a market downturn. No matter where you are in your retirement journey, we can help. Contact your Ameriprise financial advisor to help you determine the best option that meets your needs.

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An income strategy

The income you need to enjoy a confident retirement differs from person to person. Covering life's necessities and extras like travel, along with unexpected costs that may come your way can be a challenge. Your Ameriprise financial advisor can help you determine how much you need to retire with an income strategy that meets your unique needs. Their personalized advice can help you plan to live confidently, every day, in retirement.

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Insurance that can grow cash value 

Permanent life insurance, also called cash value life insurance, offers you unique opportunities to grow cash value based on the market. When structured properly, this cash value can be accessed income tax-free for future goals, such as buying a second home, paying for a child’s education or providing extra income in retirement. Talk to your Ameriprise advisor about finding a cash value policy that’s right for you.

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The benefits of managing taxes

Are you concerned with how taxes could affect your retirement? How you manage your tax bill can make a big difference. One way to manage taxes is by investing in solutions that grow tax-deferred, so you can delay paying taxes on earnings until you withdraw them. Another way is to have tax-free solutions in your portfolio. To learn more, contact your Ameriprise financial advisor today.

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41 million Americans say they need life insurance coverage but don’t have it.

2020 Insurance Barometer Study, LIMRA and Life Happens

Solutions to consider


Solutions to consider


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Looking for growth potential but wary of the ups and downs in the market?

With a RiverSource Structured Solutions 2SM annuity you get the opportunity to participate in market growth but with a level of protection against losses.


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Market growth


Take advantage of the market’s growth opportunity

Enjoy tax-deferred accumulation, tax-free withdrawals and protection for those you love with RiverSource® Variable Universal Life 6 Insurance.


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Build income


Build income tax-free with life insurance

Get a tax-free death benefit plus the opportunity to create income tax-free cash value that’s protected from market downturns with RiverSource® Multi-Index universal life insurance.


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You worked hard to build your retirement savings. You want it to continue growing to make sure your loved ones are taken care of now and in the future. Permanent insurance pays out a death benefit and allows accumulation of cash value. Policy options can help cover long-term care costs too, so you can protect your retirement savings. To find out more, discuss RiverSource solutions with your Ameriprise financial advisor.

Universal life insurance is a type of permanent insurance that provides a death benefit and allows for cash value growth accumulation. This two-benefit protection can provide security for those you love while it helps build cash value for retirement and other goals. Learn more about this type of insurance by talking to your advisor.

Whether you want to travel, spend time with friends or enjoy your favorite hobby more often, RiverSource offers solutions that can help you maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to in retirement. Work with an Ameriprise financial advisor to help you create a retirement income strategy that best meets your needs.

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