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How can I make sure I save enough?

When thinking about the future, you may wonder if you’re saving enough money in order to meet your needs in retirement. Are you investing enough? Will your savings last throughout retirement? No one can predict the future, but with RiverSource® solutions and guidance from an Ameriprise financial advisor, we can help you achieve your goals so you can look forward to a more confident retirement.

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How much retirement income will you need?

Making sure you have enough money to last throughout retirement is a key financial goal for many people. Income in retirement can come from many sources including an employer-based 401(k) plan, Social Security, a pension plan, personal savings, IRAs and annuities and insurance. An Ameriprise financial advisor can work with you to create a retirement plan to help ensure you live the life you envision.

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Supplement your Social Security benefit

After your working years are over, one source of income you may depend on is your Social Security benefit. However, it may not be enough to cover all of your essential expenses in retirement. It is important to have a reliable and secure source of income which covers necessities in life such as health care, housing and food. Your Ameriprise financial advisor can help you determine if you might have a gap in your retirement income and whether a RiverSource solution could benefit you.

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Solutions to consider


Solutions to consider


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Looking for growth potential but wary of market volatility?

With a RiverSource Structured Solutions 2℠ annuity you get the market participation you’re looking for but with a level of protection against losses.


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Shield income


Safeguard a salary if you can’t work

Help protect your retirement income from an unexpected long-term illness or injury with RiverSource disability income insurance.


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Piggy bank


Save your retirement from unexpected expenses

RiverSource® insurance offers a life insurance solution to help with long-term and extended care expenses.


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A comprehensive financial plan can include a way to provide guaranteed lifetime income for retirement with an annuity from RiverSource. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor to determine what’s right for you.

RiverSource offers solutions that can help cover your essential expenses in retirement. Talk to an Ameriprise financial advisor to discuss the best options for you.

If you become injured or ill and can’t work, disability insurance can help you ensure a healthy income and protect your retirement savings. Talk to your advisor about your options.

77% agree that having guaranteed lifetime income “gives people peace of mind in retirement.”

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, 2018 Consumer Survey, Americans age 50-79 with $100,000 or more in assets.





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