Investing solutions

RiverSource offers two categories of investing solutions for your variable annuity that can help put you in control so you can take charge of your financial future.

Categories of investing solutions


Asset allocation portfolios

Asset allocation portfolios are broadly diversified across asset classes, market sectors and holdings, and have built-in asset allocation and risk management to help you meet your investing goals. These funds are designed to provide growth while addressing market risk and volatility.


Individual funds

RiverSource variable annuities offer over 80 expertly selected individual funds from recognized and respected fund managers, providing you access to a well-diversified set of options. With dozens of funds representing nearly every asset class, RiverSource variable annuities offer the opportunity to build a customized portfolio from equity funds, fixed income funds and sector and alternative investments.

When selecting optional benefits

Some optional benefits require you to invest in a select group of asset allocation funds or individual funds. These options can help manage volatility in your annuity and provide broad diversification and growth opportunities while giving you access to the features of the optional benefit.

Your Ameriprise Financial advisor can help you determine which funds are available to you, depending on the optional benefits you select.

Diversification does not assure a profit or protect against a loss.




Talk to an advisor

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