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Life is full of unexpected events. To leave the legacy you wish, it’s important to prepare for what the future brings, so you can leave as much as possible to the people you love and the causes that matter to you.

Prepare a legacy to leave behind


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Provide a lasting gift with life insurance

Leave a legacy with a life insurance policy that pays out a death benefit to a loved one or organizations of your choice. A life insurance policy can help you accomplish your legacy goals.

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Grow your legacy

Variable annuity death benefits can give you the opportunity to pass on more to the people or causes you care about. Optimize what you leave to beneficiaries with a choice of RiverSource® death benefits that can help you grow your legacy – whether the markets are up or down.

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Secure your legacy with long-term care coverage

No one wants to think of the time when they may need to pay for long-term care costs. Preparing for these expenses now can help keep retirement savings intact to leave to loved ones and/or the causes you care about. The RiverSource solution for long-term care can help you pay for a variety of qualified services. Discuss your future needs for health care with your advisor, including residential care and how you can still leave a legacy behind.

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Document your wishes with a comprehensive estate plan

The security that comes from having your wishes legally documented can help you and your loved ones. Ensure that your heirs receive what you desire and your end-of-life wishes are granted with a thorough estate plan. Your Ameriprise financial advisor and estate planning attorney can help ensure every asset and every detail is considered.

More than a third (35%) of households would feel the financial impact within 1 month if the primary wage earner died.

Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association, 2018, Insurance Barometer Technical Supplement

Solutions to consider


Solutions to consider


Share your legacy


Share your legacy

Leave money to your children, grandchildren or a charity using a life insurance strategy that can potentially increase what you leave behind. 


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Protect savings from long-term care expenses


Preserve assets from chronic care expenses

The RiverSource® AdvanceSource accelerated benefit rider for long-term care enables you to leverage a life insurance policy to help with long-term care expenses if you become chronically ill.


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Protect money for those you’ll leave behind


Protect money for those you’ll leave behind

Help optimize the legacy you leave to those who matter most with a RAVASM variable annuity and optional death benefit, available for an additional fee.


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Frequently asked questions


A thorough estate plan can document the people and charities you want as beneficiaries and the specifics of what assets they will receive. Your Ameriprise advisor can help you with solutions that can help you plan and build the legacy you want to leave behind.

An estate plan can help ensure your savings are transferred to family and charitable organizations according to your wishes. Life insurance is just one asset that can pay out to these heirs upon death. By working with your financial advisor and your legal professional, you can set up a thorough estate plan that achieves the estate planning goals that are most tax- and cost-efficient.

Life insurance provides a death benefit to ease the financial burden for loved ones after you are gone. But certain types of permanent life insurance, also called cash value life insurance, offer living benefits, too. When funded appropriately, income tax-free cash value life insurance can work to help pay for larger purchases, such as starting a business, buying a second home or paying for a college education. Watch this video to learn more.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Learn how to plan for what's most important to you.

Leave a lasting gift

Leave a legacy to charities and those you love. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor or locate one who can help.