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How will taxes affect your retirement and legacy?

How will the impact of taxes affect your retirement portfolio? Are you paying taxes that could otherwise be invested in your future? Discover solutions from RiverSource and learn the benefits of using different tax strategies to help manage your tax bill.

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Control your taxes with diversification

Tax diversification -- a key element of an investment plan -- is a strategy that can help balance your investments across those that are taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free. By using a variety of solutions, you can create a tax-optimized plan both while you're accumulating and taking retirement income. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor about RiverSource solutions that can help you manage your tax bill.

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Defer paying taxes to keep more of your money working for you

Annuities are tax-deferred solutions. That means you pay taxes on any earnings only when they are withdrawn. You can also make allocation changes between the investment options in an annuity without triggering tax consequences. An annuity in a tax-deferred plan – such as an IRA – provides no additional tax benefit. It’s important to ensure your strategy is consistent with your investment objectives. Tax law changes can have a significant impact on your retirement portfolio. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor about a strategy that can help.

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Take advantage of the tax benefits of life insurance

Permanent life insurance is an asset that:

  • Grows tax-deferred
  • Has tax-deferred growth potential
  • Can be accessed income tax-free
  • Provides an income tax-free death benefit

Learn specifics about this unique tax solution. Connect with your Ameriprise financial advisor.

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Make allocation changes without tax consequences

A RAVASM variable annuity allows you to make investment changes without triggering a tax event.


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Leave more to heirs

Strategies using life insurance can help shield you from potential tax increases and leave more to loved ones with flexibility and tax advantages.


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Inherited a nonqualified annuity?

Consider spreading out the taxable gains on the earnings over your lifetime with a RAVA 5 Access® variable annuity, specifically designed to help you take distributions from your inheritance while managing your tax bill.


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Frequently asked questions


Strategies using certain types of life insurance can help reduce your taxes. Ask your advisor how you can ensure your loved ones receive as much as possible after you are gone.

Money invested in an annuity accumulates tax deferred until there’s a withdrawal. If you are in a lower tax bracket once you start taking withdrawals, you may pay less taxes. Ask your advisor about adding an annuity to your retirement strategy. Schedule an appointment today.

The last thing you want to discover is that you have less for retirement than you thought, due to the impact of taxes. Cash value life insurance has many advantages, such as helping you pass money to heirs income-tax free. Learn more about cash value life insurance from your Ameriprise financial advisor.


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