Structured annuities

Balance growth potential with a level of protection

When you're saving for retirement, the ups and down in the market can make it challenging to stay the course. You may be looking for growth potential and a level of protection to help eliminate some of the risks of investing. The RiverSource Structured Solutions 2 ℠ annuity is designed with these advantages, offering you a balanced solution to help you meet your financial goals.





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What is a structured annuity?

A structured annuity is a long-term retirement investment that can help you:

  • Gain exposure to equity markets

  • Create income

  • Safeguard your money with a level of protection that may help lessen the impact of negative performance

  • Protect your beneficiaries with a death benefit guarantee (age limitations apply)

With a RiverSource Structured Solutions 2 annuity, you can allocate money between a variety of indexed accounts. These indexed accounts are based on five well-known equity market indexes and an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) providing exposure to U.S. equities and international equities.

Your rate of return will be linked to the performance of the underlying indexes, but you will never be directly invested in the market. You can benefit from some protection from losses along the way, giving you the potential to weather the ups and downs of the market.



A structured solution to help you achieve your goals

The RiverSource Structured Solutions 2 annuity offers the following advantages:

  • Exposure to equities for growth potential: Your money has the potential to grow based on the performance of well-known equity market indexes and an Exchange Traded Fund. Some options provide returns that are based on the performance of one or two underlying indexes. Other options offer the potential for a predetermined return.
  • A level of protection for you: Each indexed account includes a protection option – a buffer or a trigger – that may provide a certain level of protection against loss when the index rate of return is negative. You can still choose to diversify your protection levels by allocating across multiple indexed accounts. While you can lose money, you will have a safeguard in place that may help lessen the impact of negative performance.
  • A source of retirement income: The annuity offers indexed accounts that generate a monthly income (guaranteed for one year) – regardless of index performance.
  • Cost-effective investing: There are no fees for most indexed accounts if held to maturity*.
  • Protection for your beneficiaries: Protect your investment for your heirs even if your contract loses value. The Standard Death Benefit (Return of Purchase Payment) is included in your contract if you are age 80 or younger at contract issue and can be purchased for an additional fee for ages 81+. An enhanced death benefit is available for a fee if you are 80 or younger at contract issue.

 *Expenses related to the administration, sale, and certain risks in the annuity are embedded in features of the annuity, including caps, contingent returns, annualized income rates, upside participation rates and transaction costs. There is an annual fee for optional death benefits.


Structured annuity solutions

  • RiverSource Structured Solutions 2 annuity

RiverSource Structured Solutions 2 annuity

  • Exposure to equity markets with an opportunity to grow your money
  • Options to create guaranteed income -- for one year or even for life.
  • A level of protection that may help eliminate some of the risks that come with investing
  • Tax-deferred growth: you don’t pay taxes on any earnings until you take withdrawals
  • Death benefit guarantee protects your investment for those you leave behind

Talk to your advisor today about RiverSource Structured Solutions 2. Don’t have a financial advisor? Find an advisor in your area now to discuss the benefits of an annuity.


Getting started

Minimum initial purchase payment: Non-Qualified: $10,000; Qualified: $10,000 (not available for 501c(3))

Maximum issue age: 90





Withdrawal charges


Contract year

6-year surrender charge

3-year surrender charge

1 9% 9%
2 8% 8%
3 8% 8%
4 7% 0%
5 6% 0%
6 5% 0%
7 0% 0%


Withdrawal options

During the first contract year, you have access to the greater of 10% of your purchase payments or earnings without surrender charges. In subsequent years, you have access to the greater of 10% of your prior year contract anniversary value or earnings without surrender charges.


There are two systematic withdrawal options: Contingent Return Withdrawal Program, a convenient, automatic option if you want to withdraw only the earnings from your Contingent Return segments, and Fixed Dollar Amount, if you want to withdraw a specific dollar amount—regardless of performance.


Because of their tax-deferred status, withdrawals made prior to age 59½ may incur an IRS 10% early withdrawal penalty.


The market value adjustment is a positive or negative adjustment that applies to withdrawals during the surrender charge period. This includes required minimum distributions, "free amount" withdrawals, annuitizations, and amounts paid to the owner if you become terminally ill or are confined to a hospital or nursing home. The market value adjustment does not apply to withdrawals from the interim account or Income Choice monthly income. The adjustment amount is based on the change in the Bloomberg US Agg Credit index - Yield To Worst rate since the contract was issued. After the surrender charge period ends, no market value adjustments will be applied.


There are other factors that can also impact a withdrawal. Please talk to your advisor before taking any withdrawals.


Rates and guarantees

Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate for the interim accounts is 3.00%.

The guarantees offered by RiverSource® annuities are backed by the strength and soundness of RiverSource Life Insurance Company and are subject to its continued claims-paying ability.




Only 63% of surveyed workers are currently saving for retirement.

Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and Greenwald & Assoc., 2020 Retirement Confidence Survey. Not including Social Security or employer-provided money.

Talk to an advisor to discuss annuities

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Structured annuities are insurance products that are complex, long-term investment vehicles and are subject to risk, including the potential loss of principal.

In general, large-capitalization companies may be unable to respond quickly to new competitive challenges and may not be able to attain the high growth rate of successful smaller companies. Generally, investments in small- and mid-cap companies involve risks, including volatility, that are greater than investments in larger, more established companies. Small- and mid-capitalization companies are more likely to fail than larger companies. It is possible that the iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF may not fully replicate or may, in certain circumstances, diverge significantly from the performance of the underlying index. 

Not available in NY. Currently not approved for use in MO, NE, OR, and VA.

Annuities are intended for retirement investing; therefore, withdrawals made from an annuity before age 59½ may be subject to a 10% IRS tax penalty.

If you use an annuity within a retirement plan that is already tax-deferred, such as an IRA, the annuity doesn’t provide any additional tax deferral.

The guarantees offered by RiverSource® annuities are backed by the strength and soundness of RiverSource Life Insurance Company and are subject to its continued claims-paying ability.

View important information about structured annuities including Prospectus (PDF).


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