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You have big plans for your business — from managing growth and risk to retaining top talent and having a transition plan. We can help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to build. We are dedicated to businesses like yours and offer customized solutions to meet your financial goals.

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Protect against the loss of a key employee

The future is unknown. Preparing for the unexpected is good business. If an executive or other key employee suddenly dies, retires or becomes disabled, key person insurance can provide security. If a business partner leaves for any reason, a buy-sell agreement documents what action the business will take. This type of agreement is essential to avoiding disputes that could affect the company’s viability. Protect your business's success — talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor today.

Discover four key planning areas

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Effectively transfer your business

If you suddenly die or become disabled, the financial impact can affect your family, your employees and other owners. A solid business continuation plan (e.g. buy-sell agreement) can make a difference. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor about how to fund a business continuation plan to protect your business and family.

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Attract and retain executives

The right people are important to the success of your business. A competitive benefits program with additional insurance and a tax-free retirement plan can help you attract and retain the right talent.

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Develop a business estate plan

Just like a personal estate plan, a financial business estate plan with a business continuation plan can take care of every asset and every detail to your business. At the same time, you can cover your family’s welfare, too. Let your Ameriprise financial advisor explain estate planning services and how RiverSource solutions can help.

Discover four key planning areas

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Permanent life insurance


Permanent life insurance

Strategies using life insurance can help you in four key areas that can help protect your business.


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Business overhead insurance


Business overhead insurance

Make sure your business continues to function if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury.


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Disability income insurance


Disability income insurance

Help protect your income if an illness or injury prevents you from working.


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Frequently asked questions


Business overhead expense protection can help cover the business expenses while you are out, so your company can remain operational. You must have individual or group personal disability insurance to qualify for business overhead expense insurance.

Losing a key employee can have a devastating financial effect on a business. It can be expensive to recruit and train a new leader. Key person insurance provides security and pays benefits to the business to help cover company costs, along with the expense of recruiting the right replacement.

A business continuation plan, e.g. a buy-sell agreement, can minimize the financial impact on your business and your family, should you decide to move on or pass away suddenly. If multiple partners are involved, it legally indicates how the business will proceed when one leaves the company.

Additional life insurance, disability insurance and retirement benefits can help attract and retain talented key employees and executives.

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