Plan for future expenses

Plan ahead for the unknown expenses in retirement

You have plans. Hobbies, travel and more time with family might top the list. Paying for health care and unexpected expenses are probably not the first things on your mind for retirement, but it’s vital that you prepare for them. There are ways to protect your retirement income with flexible, yet stable solutions that help you manage the unexpected.

Cover expenses in retirement


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Plan ahead for increased health care costs

Today, fewer people can depend on Social Security or an employer pension to cover their day-to-day living expenses in retirement like health care and a mortgage. Having the retirement income to pay for supplemental insurance along with long-term care insurance is critical. Learn how a life insurance policy can provide income and help cover essential expenses.

Learn about life insurance

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Prepare for long-term care expenses

While no one can predict what will happen in the future, planning for long-term care costs may help reduce worry and protect what you’ve saved, so that you can pass on money to loved ones. Your Ameriprise financial advisor can show you solutions that can help you feel more confident about these and other future expenses.

Learn about long-term care coverage

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Protect your income if you become ill or injured

You want to protect and provide for what matters most – especially if you become injured or ill. Disability insurance can provide an income “safety net.” Even if your work provides disability benefits, it may not be enough. A personal disability insurance policy can help cover the gaps. Speak with your advisor about your needs.

Learn about disability coverage

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Create a stream of retirement income

Many people use annuities for retirement income. A RiverSource variable annuity offers a variety of flexible income options, including two ways to create an ongoing stream of income in retirement. Talk to your financial advisor about what solution might be best for you based on your needs.

Learn about annuities

Solutions to consider


Recreate a “paycheck” from your investments that will last the rest of your life


Make the most of your retirement income

A RiverSource® annuity with the Income GuideSM program can provide growth and income opportunities to help you live with more confidence.


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Protect your retirement from unexpected expenses


Protect your retirement from the unexpected

RiverSource® disability income insurance can help protect your retirement income if injury or illness or interrupts your ability to earn an income.


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Preserve assets from chronic care expenses


Preserve assets from chronic care expenses

A RiverSource® AdvanceSource accelerated benefit rider for long-term care enables you to leverage a life insurance policy to help with long-term care expenses if you become chronically ill.


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Can your family live on $1,259 a month? That’s the average monthly benefit paid by Social Security Disability Insurance in October 2019.

Social Security Administration, Disabled Worker Beneficiary Data, April 2020





Frequently asked questions


Though Social Security payments can provide an income base for retirement, RiverSource offers solutions that can help cover any gaps with a reliable and secure source of income. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor about ways to receive lifetime income in your retirement.

How much money will you need to enjoy retirement to its fullest? The answer is unique to every individual. Your advisor can estimate how much you will need to ensure your essential expenses in retirement are covered.

Making sure you have enough income to last throughout retirement and having long-term care coverage are critical aspects of your retirement. RiverSource offers annuities that can provide a lifetime income stream and insurance solutions that can help pay for long-term care expenses. To learn more about our choice of solutions, contact your Ameriprise financial advisor.

There are several ways to protect your savings so you can take care of what matters most. Estate planning that includes life insurance is one way. To discuss the legacy you want to leave, and how you want to leave it, talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor.


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