Allocation Options

You can choose how to allocate your money between a fixed account and several indexed accounts that have the potential to be credited interest over a period of one or two years.

The Fixed Account

You’ll earn daily fixed interest on any money you allocate to the fixed account. We set an interest rate for the fixed account for one year and renew it on each contract anniversary. The fixed account will never earn less than the Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate of 1.00%.

Indexed Account Options

The indexed accounts can help you grow your money by crediting interest based on the performance of an index, using a cap or spread. A cap is the maximum interest rate that a segment can earn. With a spread, the interest earned will be the index rate of return, minus the spread percentage (but not less than zero percent). Your money isn’t invested in the indexes.

Interest is credited on your contract anniversary at the end of the segment. Any money withdrawn from an indexed account before the end of a segment will not earn interest.

The following segments and crediting methods are available with the indexed accounts:

Index Term Length Crediting Method
S&P 500® 1-year Point-to-Point with a Cap
1-year Monthly Average
MSCI EAFE 1-year Point-to-Point with a Cap
S&P 500 Daily Risk
Control 7.5% Index
1-year Point-to-Point with a Cap
Point-to-Point with a Spread

Renewal Rates and Caps

At the start of each new segment, interest rates, caps and spreads will be reset by RiverSource Life at our discretion. The interest rates and caps will never be less than the Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate or Cap. The renewal spread will never be more than the Guaranteed Maximum Spread.

For more information about crediting methods, watch these videos.

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RiverSource Assured fixed index annuity contract numbers: ICC17 113590 and state variations.